Healthy Cooking Made Easy

Simple Ways To Start Eating Healthy

Simple Ways To Start Eating Healthy

Eating healthy often isn’t as easy as you would probably like it to be, especially if you don’t have that much time to cook or if you’re new to cooking. Cooking healthy is such an important aspect of dieting that it really is worth learning how to do, but sometimes it can be quite difficult. That’s why we have tons of tips about how to cook healthily without spending hours on one meal. Once you know how to start cooking healthily, you’ll have much more success with your dieting endeavors. Here’s what you need to know about getting started with healthy cooking:

Keeping Your Staple Ingredients Well-Stocked

One of the most important aspects of cooking healthily is to make sure that you always have a well-stocked pantry. Don’t make things too difficult on yourself by not having enough ingredients around to make healthy food. Make sure to keep a well-stocked pantry full of rice, beans, and other staple food items. This makes it much easier to come up with simple meals to make quickly. It’s best to keep a stock of food items that don’t expire quickly, especially if you can integrate them into a larger part of a meal. You won’t regret this, since it really does make it much easier to ensure that you’re eating healthy meals.

Avoid Frying When Possible

Eat Healthy, Avoid Fried Food

Eat Healthy, Avoid Fried Food

Fried food is obviously delicious, but it’s definitely not that good for you. If you can avoid eating fried foods, you should – and that includes when you’re making food for yourself. It’s best to avoid frying as a cooking method when you’re trying to make healthy food. Stick to other methods of cooking – poaching, boiling, sautéing, and baking are all much better choices. There are still ways to get crispy foods when you’re not frying, so if that’s what you’re concerned about, there are plenty of ways to still get a delicious end result. It does take some more effort, but it’s worth it when you’re eating healthily and losing weight. Look up some tutorials on how to bake chicken and make it crispy, and you likely won’t even realize that you’ve cut out fried food.

Invest in a Slow Cooker for Easy Meals

Home Made Meals Are Much Healthier Than Processed Food

Home Made Meals Are Much Healthier Than Processed Food

Making healthy food is sometimes time consuming, and that’s why you should invest in a slow cooker. Slow cookers are a great way to prepare healthy food without putting much effort into the cooking process. You just have to put in some ingredients in the morning, set it to cook, and leave it alone. You barely have to put in any effort and you can wind up with an amazing end result. You can spend your day working out or taking care of personal business and come back home at night to a delicious meal. There are plenty of different things you can make with a slow cooker, so there’s no need to worry about not getting much variety out of your meals. The only limit to what you can make in a slow cooker is your imagination.

The Worst Places to Look for Future Employees

Looking For Future Employees

Looking For Future Employees

When you’re trying to fill up a spot in your company, you might not care where the employee comes from. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, and if you’re really hurting for an employee to fill a certain position, you can certainly feel this way. However, employees are really the backbone of your company. Getting bad employees can spell certain doom for your business or company, which is why it’s so important to find the right type of people for the job. If you’re not sure where to look for employees, you may be tempted to start posting ads on various websites or putting up flyers anywhere you can think of. However, some locations are just going to lead to bad employees and nothing else. If you’re looking to start hiring for your company, here are the worst places to look for people to hire:


Use Craigslist

Use Craigslist

Craigslist is certainly a helpful tool for many things, but it is not the place to go to find employees. If you’re looking for some cheap furniture or electronics to buy from people in your local area, go ahead and use Craigslist. Looking for employees for your company or business, however? Craigslist is not the place to do it. Sure, you’ll get plenty of takers and interested parties, but that doesn’t mean that they will actually be good employees. The people you will wind up hiring are not going to be any good for your company, and we recommend that you stay as far away from Craigslist as possible. You might think that you’re getting a good deal, but often the people who are applying for jobs on Craigslist are going to be the exact opposite type of people you would want working for you. It isn’t worth it to try and find workers on these types of sites.

Random Postings Online

If you’re browsing the Internet and you come across people looking for work, you may be tempted to try and hire people this way. It may certainly seem like a good idea, since obviously these people are looking for a job and want to be hired. However, that doesn’t mean that they are going to be any good for your company or business. You might wind up with an employee at the end of the day, but you have no guarantee that they’re actually going to be reliable. It is so important to hire good employees, and you just cannot do that if you’re picking up random people from postings online. You have no real guarantee of their claims or the quality of their work ethic, so stay away from these types of situations, too.

Small Local Locations

The Local Paper Is A Good Choice

The Local Paper Is A Good Choice

If you’re posting your employment opportunities at random places in your local area, it’s usually not going to work out well for you. You could wind up getting plenty of offers and applications, but that doesn’t guarantee that any of them will be worth your time of effort. It’s really important to look in the right places for your employees, since they will wind up making such a huge difference in the future success of your business or company. Stick to professional places and websites instead of posting ads for the job anywhere in your local area. You won’t have to wade through quite as much riffraff if you make sure to only post your employment opportunities in professional places, which is why it’s important to do. It does take some extra effort, but in the end you will wind up with better employees and you won’t have to worry quite so much about the future of your business.

How to Build a Gaming PC on a Budget

You Have The Best Gamer's PC You Can Build On A Budget

You Have The Best Gamer’s PC You Can Build On A Budget

Computers can be an expensive endeavor, costing an upwards of $1000 for a good, high-quality, general-use desktop machine. If you think that price tag is bad, a gaming PC can at least cost double that bill. Most machines sold in big box retail stores simply don’t have the power to be used as gaming devices, and any machines that do are priced simply astronomically.

What if you don’t have that kind of money, but would still like to play higher-end PC games, such as Titanfall, or Watch Dogs? Luckily, with a bit of ingenuity, you can put together a system that can play both of those games for under $700. It’s simply a fact that most machines sold in stores take their fair share in the form of pre-assembled convenience, and anyone with the willingness to strike out on their own with a screwdriver and some patience will reap big rewards in savings.

In this article, we will build a computer that has the capacity to play all kinds of high-end PC games, as well as have enough wiggle room to upgrade in the event that you’d like a bit more power down the road. A custom-built machine such as this has all sorts of opportunities for personalization to your every need, which is something that an off-the-shelf device just can’t boast.

The Foundation: The Case, the Motherboard, and the Processor

High Performance Is The Goal

High Performance Is The Goal

For the case, you will want to use a mid-ATX case that has enough room inside of it to fit all of the components, and has enough space for reasonable cable management. Skimping on this piece will leave you paying for it down the line in the form of overheating, overcrowding, and generally being a tangled, unreasonable mess. Mid-ATX cases such as the Rosewill Challenger Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower case will be more than suitable for what you will be using it for, and the price tag of $49 is very reasonable indeed.

The motherboard that we will be using is the ASRock model found here ( It’s a solid motherboard that will suit a gaming PC well, and at a cool $50, the price is very nice.
The video card is a piece of hardware that is probably the most important part to any gaming PC, as it handles all of the graphics. Video cards can range from low-end to mind-bogglingly high-end (some can reach the range of $1500 and up). However, for your part, it is recommended you use the MSi model found here ( for $179 ($159 after the rebate). It may not be the best card that is out on the market today, but it will be able to handle any of the newer PC games out there with ease, and won’t send your budget plummeting into the red.

Because your machine isn’t power-hungry, you can hold back a little bit on the power supply. For the power supply, the Corsair CXM500W priced at $70 ($35 after rebate) is a solid choice. 500w will be able to power the machine, and have enough left over for the upgrades down the road.

Hard Drive, Optical Drive, and Operating System

Make Sure You Have The Best Components

Make Sure You Have The Best Components

The final leg of your build is here. The hard drive will be a Western Digital 500GB for $50, and the optical drive (DVD Drive) will be $20. Any type of drive will serve its purpose, and there aren’t many differences between them. The operating system will be a Windows OS, preferably Windows 7. You can get an OS license for $100.

The Final Product

Enjoy  The Game!

Enjoy The Game!

$658 is the final total for this build, and it will be able to handle any PC video game that you try to throw at it with ease. All parts were purchased through, and a computer of this caliber at retail could easily cost an upwards of $1200. However, because you bought the parts individually and built it yourself, you were able to save close to $500.

Exciting Date Options for Your Long-term Girlfriend

Talking about Date Options

Talking about Date Options

Having a long-term girlfriend can be something that others get jealous over, but just because you’ve kept her this long doesn’t mean that you’re in the easy stage. Their jealousy stems from having someone faithful and loving, but you know that you’ve got to keep up with making her happy. One of the best ways to do that is to take her on dates. That’s right, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, she still likes dates. But now you’ve got to get creative. Dinner and a movie just aren’t as exciting as they used to be. Step up your game with one of these exciting date options.

The Photo Booth Date

Photo booths are still popular because people, despite their selfie-taking habits, love candid photos that actually print out. Use this appeal to get a fun date. They only cost a few dollars each booth that you hit and you can get a whole scrapbook full of memories. Challenge yourself to make new poses for every box, or if you’ve really decided to go above and beyond then create a theme for each one. Bring some light over clothes to do pirate, zombie, fancy, etc. themes.

The Penny Date

Leave It To Chance... Maybe A DriveInTheatre

Leave It To Chance… Maybe A DriveInTheatre

The Penny Date has started trickling online as a way to spice up the typical dinner and a movie. It adds an element of adventure to the otherwise routine date. Have your lady pick a number between 10-20. Then as you leave your driveway, flip the penny. If its tails then you go right and heads you go left. Keep following these rules until you reach the number that she told you. When you get to the last number then you look around and see what restaurant is near you. If there is none then keep looking in the area. Adventure and a new eating place.

Bring It Back to the New

When you first started dating everything was new and exciting….and really awkward. Let’s bring it back to that. At the time you loved it, and when you got over how awkward it was you looked back and laughed. Now get dressed up and take separate modes of transportation to a bar or someplace where it’s a large social gathering. Then pretend you don’t know each other. Make eye contact across the room, slowly make your way towards each other, buy her a drink, and all of the other things that you would do to impress a woman you have the hots for. Go over all of those beginning topics like what they do for work, hobbies, and the like. Really try to get into character and you may even discover something new about each other. Make it your goal to get her to come home with you tonight. Pretend that you don’t know you already share a bed. This type of date is guaranteed to get you laid by the end of it.

Get Up Early

Romantic Couple Watching The Sun Rise

Romantic Couple Watching The Sun Rise

Getting up early is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the next time you have a vacation together or something then you can get up at four in the morning and watch the sunrise. There are so many sunsets that you’ve gotten to see together, but a sunrise is a whole different thing. Sitting in the dark, hearing the birds wake up and start chirping, and seeing all of the colors spring to life is enough to make any morning romantic. Be a sweet guy and bring some coffee and some early morning pastries for bonus points.

Read to Each Other

Pick Your Significant Other's Favorite Book And Read As A Couple

Pick Your Significant Other’s Favorite Book And Read As A Couple

Both of you pick a favorite book of yours and read the first chapter to each other. If you enjoy this you can keep going. Whether it’s a book one of you knows or not, you’ll get something special out of their inflection and how they react to what they’re reading. It’s her favorite book for a reason, when she’s done ask what she loves about it. Then you’ll have a chance to understand more about each other.

Taking your long-term girlfriend out on exciting dates, even once in a while, can drastically improve a relationship. Whether you’re lacking physical contact or just need a way to keep things fresh, this is the most fun way for both of you.

Why You Should Ask for Money for Birthday or Christmas Presents

Ask Money As A Birthday Or Christmas Present

Ask For Money As A Birthday Or Christmas Present

As you get older, it’s not so easy to summon the energy to really get excited about birthdays or holidays. It’s just something that seems to change naturally as we age. Once you become an adult, it becomes difficult to think of what you can ask for in terms of birthday presents or holiday presents. You don’t really know what to ask for, but asking for money seems a little rude, doesn’t it? Well, there’s really nothing rude about asking for money for a present, and it might be time for you to start doing so. If you’re not sure that you should be doing this, we have plenty of reasons why you should always ask for money for your birthdays or for holidays. There’s quite a bit of benefit in doing this, so we really do recommend it. Here’s what you need to know:

It Erases the Possibility of Bad Gifts

Choose Your Own Presents

Choose Your Own Presents

If you ask for your friends or family to give you money for your gifts, then you really do erase the entire possibility of getting terrible presents. We know that they mean well, but sometimes family and friends can give you things that you have absolutely no use for at all. It’s hard to summon the enthusiasm and gratitude that you should have when faced with terrible presents. That’s why asking for money is such a good idea. You won’t need to worry about getting terrible presents if you go out of your way to only ask for money. Then, you can save the money or decide on your own presents instead. It’s a win-win situation, since it’s so much easier for your friends or family to just give you money instead of trying to find the “perfect” present.

It Can Go Straight into Savings

If you get money from your family or friends for a present, then you might be tempted to spend it on whatever gift it was you wanted. However, it is often a much better choice to put that money straight into your savings. It might not seem as fun to you, but it really does work out better this way. It’s much nicer to have money in the bank to fall back on in case of emergency than it is to go out and buy a lava lamp or whatever it was that was tickling your fancy at the time.

You Can Buy What You Want

Buy What You Want... No More Unpleasant Surprises

Buy What You Want… No More Unpleasant Surprises

Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t have any fun at all. If you’re putting some of your gift money into savings, you might as well treat yourself while you’re at it. If you get money as a gift, there’s nothing stopping you from buying what it is you wanted to get. You don’t need to worry about people giving you things you don’t want. With gift money, you get to choose what it is you get as a present, and that’s pretty awesome. You’ll never be disappointed by a present again, so make sure to just ask for cash next time a holiday or birthday rolls around.